Through giving we grow richer and deeper as people of faith. Our giving supports the work and love of God expressed through the life of the church. Giving of finances is just a part of Stewardship - how we use the gifts given to us by God in the components of our lives in time, talents, and treasure. Stewardship is our thank-full response expressed in generosity. Because of God’s great love to us in Jesus Christ, we give ourselves in service and faithfulness. The fiscal part of Stewardship is usually framed by "setting aside a portion" weekly or monthly of our income in response to God’s generosity. Some in our fellowship have grown into “tithing” which is honoring God with a tenth portion. By giving to the work of Christ, you participate in every part of its mission and purpose - like providing food to the homeless every Friday evening from our Fellowship hall, supporting the musical programs and Children’s ministry, and even help provide pastoral care and counseling through the work of our pastor. By giving, you can make a difference by being a vital part of the church through its support.
You can give during the worship service, on-line here (see the GIVE NOW button), or electronically through your bank, setting up a one-time or repeating contribution.
mission_ex_givebutton Around Thanksgiving, we ask friends and members to help the church plan ahead by asking you to make a good-faith “pledge” of what you anticipate you will be giving. It helps innumerably in making sound plans for the future. By filling out the pledge response below, you will be providing a good-faith projection of your future giving, but it is not a binding promise or obligation. It can be changed or amended if needed. Below is a pledge response for the upcoming year which will go directly to the church office.