Live Worship in Church returns June 14th 10am

Church Members and Friends,

It has been a long time in its coming, but it has arrived.  Long Island churches are permitted to open at 25% capacity at this point and our first In-Person Church Service will be this Sunday June 14th at 10AM.  Yes, this Sunday!  I hope we can join the exaltation of the Psalmist “I was glad when they said unto me, “Let us go to the House of the Lord today!”  This Sunday Elders from Session will greet you personally with a masked smile and at a safe six-feet distance to help you navigate to one of the newly designated seats.  There will be many on-site changes to provide for as safe an environment as possible – Anti-bacterial dispensers are in the sanctuary and disinfecting wipes in the bathrooms. The pews are cordoned-off and seating marked at six-feet intervals. One large safety piece is that the entire worship service will continue to be broadcast on Facebook LIVE so that our members and friends who are in an at-risk group can continue to participate from the safety of their own home without interruption.  Virtual Bulletins will be sent to all persons via Weekly Words for personal use during the service, whether at home or printed and brought with them to the church.  The entire bulletin will also be projected on the sanctuary screen – every prayer and lyric and scripture – so the service can be completely hands-free.

We ask of course that you only attend if you are well and have not been exposed;  that we all maintain safe distances and wear facial mask coverings for the complete time. Allow a few extra minutes for entering and exiting the sanctuary. There is no Coffee Hour, but you will be able to see some of the Welcome Friends and church ministry efforts as they have asked to temporarily keep portions of the Food Cupboard against the North (Choir Room) wall of the Fellowship Hall.  The front yard of the church will allow you to visit at a safe distance if you wish after worship.  Welcome back to worship.