Fourth Sunday Forum-March 24th-11:15am

In our Fourth Sunday Focus meetings, Ed Eriksson has shown us a variety of churches in France, Matt Sclafani has shared his concern about the health of the waters around Long Island, and Yousef Makdisi helped us understand the troubling issues in the Middle East.  Thanks to each of you!

Fourth Sunday Focus resumes on March 24 with a presentation by Jackie Gurnaey. Jackie is CEO of two companies.  The first is The Alternative Board, providing Peer advice and coaching to business owners and the second is SevenStar HR providing HR solutions including hiring to businesses.

Jackie will be talking about her work in helping people develop their communication skills, with special attention to how we, as church members, communicate with each other and those outside the church. As always, her talk will focus on how her work is influenced by her faith, and how her faith is influenced by what she does professionally.

The final presentation in the series will be on April 28, when Dr. Christine Ahn will focus on her work as an ER Physician and mother.

The presentations are made right after a brief fellowship time following the 10am worship. Plan to stay, learn something new, and get to know more about the people who share our efforts to live out our Christian faith in today’s world.

Child Care will be provided if requested before the previous Thursday, contact the office for more details at